Exploring Nea Makri in Attica: A Coastal Paradise Just Beyond Athens

Exploring Nea Makri: A Hidden Oasis on the Athenian Riviera

Nea Makri, known in Greek as 'Νέα Μάκρη', beckons travelers seeking a sublime escape merely 29km from the heart of Athens and a mere 19km from the bustling Athens International Airport. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, this haven boasts a population of approximately 10,000 residents. Surrounding this seaside town are several charming areas that add depth to your exploration!

Zouberi Suburb: A quaint locale offering a glimpse into local life.

Mati Suburb: Famed for its beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

Rafina Town: A bustling port town, perfect for seafood indulgence and ferry adventures.

Schinias Small Village: Embraced by natural beauty, it's a serene retreat for nature lovers.

Marathonas Town: Steeped in history, with the iconic Marathon Tomb as its highlight.

Penteli Suburb: Known for its marble quarries and a peaceful ambiance.

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In Nea Makri itself, an array of captivating sights and activities awaits:

Must-See Attractions:

Nea Makri Beach: Bask in the sun or indulge in water sports along the glistening coastline.

Archaeological Museum of Marathon: Unravel the region's history through fascinating artifacts.

Monastery of Saint Ephraim: A serene retreat boasting breathtaking views of the area.

Activities to Indulge In:

Water Sports: From windsurfing to paddleboarding, the azure waters offer endless excitement.

Trekking at Mount Pentelicus: Explore scenic trails and revel in panoramic views.

Dining by the Sea: Enjoy fresh seafood at local tavernas while soaking in the coastal ambiance.

Other Travel Information:

Nea Makri serves as an ideal base for exploring the wider Attica region. Transportation options are aplenty, with buses and taxis readily available. For those seeking a historic jaunt, the nearby Marathonas Town is a must-visit. Additionally, the proximity to Athens International Airport ensures easy access for globetrotters.

Discover the allure of Nea Makri, where sun-kissed beaches, rich history, and authentic Greek experiences converge to create an unforgettable journey just beyond the vibrant pulse of Athens.

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