Discover the Hidden Charm of Mitato in Lasithi: A Tranquil Retreat Off the Beaten Path

Unveiling the Hidden Charms of Mitato: A Tranquil Escape in Crete's Enchanting Lasithi Prefecture

Nestled in the heart of Lasithi, Μητάτο (Mitato) stands as a testament to the untouched beauty of rural Greece. Located just 50km from the vibrant capital of Agios Nikolaos and a mere 11km from Sitia Public Airport, Mitato is a quaint village that boasts a population of less than 100 people, offering an authentic Greek experience far from the crowds.

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Exploring the Surrounding Marvels

Mitato is surrounded by captivating locales, each with its own unique allure. Sitia Town, known for its picturesque harbor and charming old town, is a short drive away. Paleokastro Village, Ziros Village, and Skopi Village provide a glimpse into the rich history and traditional architecture of the region. Sitia Public Airport ensures convenient access, while Zakros Village, famed for the Palace of Zakros, and its Minoan archaeological site, offers a fascinating journey into the past.

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Things to Do and See in Mitato

Embrace Nature in Zakros Gorge

Embark on a hiking adventure through Zakros Gorge, located in proximity to Mitato. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes, discover unique flora and fauna, and relish the serenity of this natural wonder.

Explore the Minoan Palace of Zakros

Unearth the mysteries of the Minoan civilization by visiting the Palace of Zakros. Wander through the ruins and marvel at the historical significance of this ancient site, providing a glimpse into the island's rich past.

Delight in Local Cuisine at Skopi Village

Indulge your taste buds in the authentic flavors of Crete at Skopi Village. Sample traditional dishes prepared with local ingredients, creating a culinary experience that captures the essence of Cretan culture.

Visit the Archaeological Site in Paleokastro Village

Discover the archaeological wonders in Paleokastro Village, where remnants of ancient civilizations await. Explore the ruins and immerse yourself in the history that has shaped this enchanting corner of Lasithi.

Travel Information

Distance from Agios Nikolaos Center: 50km

Distance from Sitia Public Airport: 11km

Population: Less than 100 people

Uncover the Tranquility of Mitato

Mitato beckons travelers seeking an authentic escape from the ordinary. With its proximity to notable destinations and a myriad of activities, this hidden gem invites you to immerse yourself in the charm of rural Greece. Experience the allure of Mitato and its surroundings, where history, nature, and culture converge to create an unforgettable journey.

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