Discover the Allure of Elounda Village: A Mediterranean Oasis

Discovering the Charms of Elounda Village: A Hidden Oasis in Crete's Lasithi Prefecture

Spinalonga Elounda - Lasithi - Crete

Nestled along the captivating coastline of Lasithi, Elounda Village, also known as Schisma Eloundas or Schisma Elountas, beckons travelers with its enchanting charm and idyllic surroundings. The Greek name 'Ελούντα' is a whisper of history and authenticity that resonates through its narrow streets and sun-kissed landscapes.

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Elounda Krini Hotel, hotel in Elounda
Elounda Krini Hotel, hotel in Elounda
Just 656 feet from Elounda Beach in Crete, Elounda Krini Hotel features free WiFi, a restaurant and buffet breakfast. Book now
Aristea Hotel, hotel in Elounda
Aristea Hotel, hotel in Elounda
Aristea Hotel is located centrally in Elounda, a 5-minute walk from the beach. It has rooms with a balcony overlooking Mirabello Bay. The hotel offers breakfast and a seafood restaurant. Book now
Elounda Bay Palace, a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World, hotel in Elounda
Elounda Bay Palace, a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World, hotel in Elounda
This modern 5-star hotel is surrounded by acres of gardens, overlooking the Mirabello Bay, just minutes from beaches and the fishing village of Elounda. Book now
Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World, hotel in Elounda
Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World, hotel in Elounda
Located on the northeast coast of Crete, the seafront Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World, features 5 tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts and a spa... Book now

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Unveiling Elounda's Essence

Situated a mere 9 kilometers from the bustling heart of Agios Nikolaos, Elounda offers a serene escape while maintaining proximity to the vibrant capital. Travelers arriving at Sitia Public Airport will find themselves just 41 kilometers away from this hidden gem. With a population of approximately 2000 people, Elounda embodies the perfect balance of tranquility and community spirit.

Elounda bay from spinalonga island - Lasithi - Crete
Elounda Bay
Elounda - Lasithi - Crete
Elounda Port - Lasithi - Crete
Elounda Port

Exploring Nearby Treasures

Elounda's magnetic allure extends beyond its borders, drawing visitors to nearby destinations that enrich the Mediterranean experience. Immerse yourself in the history of Spinaloga small village, stroll through the charming streets of Agios Nikolaos Town, and savor the authentic ambiance of Neapoli Town. Venture further to discover the quaint Amoudara and the picturesque Kritsa Village. Don't miss the timeless charm of Milatos Village, each locale promising a unique and memorable experience.

Elounda - Lasithi - Crete

Enchanting Attractions and Activities

Seaside Marvel: Elounda's Harbor

Explore the picturesque harbor, where colorful fishing boats bob gently on the azure waters.

Indulge in fresh seafood at waterfront tavernas, offering a taste of the region's culinary delights.

Historical Odyssey: Spinaloga Island

Embark on a boat trip to Spinaloga, a small island with a rich history, including a medieval fortress and a leper colony.

Let the haunting stories of Spinaloga's past transport you to another era.

Cultural Excursion: Agios Nikolaos Archaeological Museum

Immerse yourself in the region's history at the Agios Nikolaos Archaeological Museum, showcasing artifacts from Minoan to Roman times.

Natural Beauty: Mirabello Bay

Bask in the beauty of Mirabello Bay, surrounded by lush hills and crystal-clear waters.

Relax on the pristine beaches or embark on a boat tour to explore hidden coves.

Authentic Villages: Kritsa and Milatos

Wander through the narrow streets of Kritsa Village, known for its traditional architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

Experience the tranquility of Milatos Village, where time seems to stand still amid olive groves and charming tavernas.

Practical Information

Getting There: Elounda is easily accessible from Agios Nikolaos and Sitia Public Airport.

Accommodations: Choose from a range of accommodations, from luxury resorts to charming boutique hotels.

Cuisine: Indulge in authentic Greek cuisine at local tavernas, offering a delectable array of seafood and traditional dishes.

Activities: Enjoy water sports, boat excursions, and cultural events, ensuring a diverse and enriching vacation experience.

In Elounda, every moment unfolds like a chapter in a Mediterranean fairy tale. Allow yourself to be captivated by the allure of this coastal haven, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create an unforgettable travel experience.

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