Exploring the Enchanting Charm of Kini in Syros

Discovering Tranquility: A Guide to Kini Village on Syros Island in the Cyclades

Nestled on the tranquil island of Syros, the picturesque village of Kini, known in Greek as 'Κίνι', beckons travelers with its irresistible blend of natural beauty and authentic Greek charm. Just 4km from the bustling heart of Ermoupoli, the capital of Syros, and a mere 5km from Syros National Airport, Kini offers a serene escape for those seeking a delightful Greek island experience.

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Close Proximity to Enchanting Destinations

Venturing beyond Kini opens up a world of nearby wonders. Ano Syros Town, perched atop a hill, showcases historic architecture and panoramic views. Galissas Village, with its golden sandy beach, is a haven for sun-seekers. Ermoupoli Town, a vibrant hub, boasts neoclassical architecture and cultural gems. Syros National Airport provides convenient access, while Finikas, Poseidonia, and Azolimnos Villages offer authentic glimpses of local life.

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Kini Unveiled: A Gem Waiting to be Discovered

Things to See and Do

Kini Beach: Sink your toes into the soft sand and bask in the azure waters of Kini Beach. This idyllic spot offers a perfect blend of relaxation and natural beauty.

Agia Varvara Church: Immerse yourself in local history at Agia Varvara Church, a charming religious site with a serene atmosphere.

Sunset at Kini Harbor: Witness a breathtaking sunset at Kini Harbor, casting a warm glow over the tranquil waters and creating a magical ambiance.

Local Cuisine Exploration: Indulge in the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine at local tavernas, savoring fresh seafood and traditional dishes.

Popular Attractions and Landmarks

Kini Windmills: Explore the iconic windmills overlooking Kini, offering a picturesque backdrop to your island adventure.

Kini Pier: Take a leisurely stroll along Kini Pier, absorbing the coastal charm and capturing memorable seaside views.

Kini Lighthouse: Discover the Kini Lighthouse, standing proudly on the island's edge, providing spectacular vistas of the Aegean Sea.

Practical Travel Information

Population: Approximately 600 people reside in this charming village, creating a close-knit and welcoming community.

Distance from Ermoupoli Center: A mere 4km separates Kini from the lively heart of Ermoupoli, allowing easy access to the island's capital.

Distance from Syros National Airport: Travelers enjoy a short 5km journey from the airport to the tranquility of Kini Village.


Kini in Syros unfolds as a hidden gem, inviting travelers to explore its enchanting landscapes and immerse themselves in authentic Greek culture. From idyllic beaches and historic landmarks to local cuisine and welcoming villages, Kini promises an unforgettable escape. Embark on a journey to this charming haven, where the beauty of the Aegean meets the warmth of Greek hospitality.

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