Discover the Hidden Gem of Agiassos in Naxos: A Tranquil Haven Amidst Cycladic Beauty

Discover the Timeless Charm of Agiassos: A Hidden Oasis in Naxos, Cyclades

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Naxos, the enchanting village of Agiassos, or 'Αγιάσος' in Greek, beckons travelers seeking an authentic Cycladic experience. Located approximately 18km from the bustling Naxos capital and a mere 16km from Naxos National Airport, Agiassos unveils a serene haven far from the tourist troves, offering a genuine taste of Greek culture and tradition.

We suggest for your stay:

Avgerinos Village, hotel in Agiassos
Avgerinos Village, hotel in Agiassos
Located just a few steps from Agiassos Beach, Avgerinos Village is a complex of air-conditioned apartments each with a fully equipped kitchen and private balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea. Book now
Villa Paradise in Naxos, hotel in Agiassos
Villa Paradise in Naxos, hotel in Agiassos
Within a few yards from Mikri Vigla Beach, Villa Paradise in Naxos offers self-catering units with furnished balconies overlooking the sea. Book now
Diamantis Studios&Apartments, hotel in Agiassos
Diamantis Studios&Apartments, hotel in Agiassos
Offering an outdoor pool, Diamantis Studios & Apartments is located 820 feet from Mikri Vigla Beach. The property features a snack bar and offers shuttle service upon request. Book now
Villa Faros, hotel in Agiassos
Villa Faros, hotel in Agiassos
Ideally located by the unspoiled Aliko beach, Faros enjoys stunning panoramic views of the area. It offers rooms with sea view, a family-run tavern and an infinity pool with pool-side bar. Book now

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Explore the Enchanting Villages Nearby

As you venture beyond Agiassos, be sure to explore the quaint surroundings, each with its unique charm. Alikos, Kalandos, Kastraki, Sangri, Mikri Vigla, and Panormos are small villages dotting the landscape, contributing to the mosaic of Naxos' cultural richness. These hidden gems, though lesser-known, boast authentic charm and are perfect for those who seek an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

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Things to Do and See in Agiassos

Explore Charming Alleyways and Historic Sites

Wander through Agiassos' narrow alleys, lined with whitewashed houses adorned with vibrant bougainvillea, and discover the village's rich history. Visit the local church, immersing yourself in the timeless beauty of its architecture and the spiritual tranquility within.

Agiassos Beach: A Secluded Paradise

Unwind at Agiassos Beach, where the crystalline waters meet golden sands. This secluded paradise offers a tranquil escape, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Embrace the serenity as you soak up the Greek sun, surrounded by the untouched beauty of the Cyclades.

Naxian Gastronomy Delights

Indulge your taste buds in the local culinary wonders. Agiassos is renowned for its traditional tavernas serving mouthwatering Naxian delicacies. Savor local specialties, such as souvlaki, fresh seafood, and the famous Naxos cheese, accompanied by a glass of crisp local wine.

Ancient Marvels in Sangri

Venture to the nearby village of Sangri, home to ancient ruins that whisper tales of Naxos' storied past. Explore the Temple of Demeter, an archaeological gem surrounded by lush greenery, offering a glimpse into the island's fascinating history.

Windsurfing in Mikri Vigla

For the adventure seekers, head to Mikri Vigla, a small village known for its windswept beaches, ideal for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride the waves against the backdrop of the azure Aegean Sea.

Panoramic Views from Kalandos

Make your way to Kalandos and bask in panoramic views of the island. The charming village offers a picturesque setting, perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy moments and creating lasting memories.

Practical Information

Getting There: Agiassos is easily accessible by car from Naxos capital, and a short drive from Naxos National Airport.

Accommodation: Discover authentic Greek hospitality in Agiassos' cozy guesthouses, providing a comfortable and immersive stay.

Transportation: Rent a car or use local buses to explore nearby villages and attractions at your own pace.

In conclusion, Agiassos in Naxos is a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered. Immerse yourself in its cultural richness, explore charming villages, indulge in local gastronomy, and embrace the tranquility of this Cycladic haven. Discover the allure of Agiassos – a destination that promises an authentic Greek experience away from the crowds.

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