Discover the Enchantment of Chryssi Milia in Alonnisos: A Hidden Paradise Unveiled

Discovering Tranquility: Chryssi Milia Village - A Hidden Gem in Alonnisos and Evia's Enchanting Embrace

Nestled on the captivating island of Alonnisos, the charming village of Chryssi Milia, known as 'Χρυσή Μηλιά' in Greek, beckons travelers seeking an authentic Greek experience. Just a scenic 5-kilometer drive from the vibrant capital of Alonnisos, this idyllic destination promises a retreat into tranquility. Enveloped by the magnetic allure of the Aegean Sea, Chryssi Milia invites you to explore its unique charm and discover the treasures hidden within its cobblestone streets.

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Unveiling the Surrounding Beauties

Chryssi Milia serves as a gateway to a cluster of enchanting villages, each with its own character and allure. Embark on a journey to Kokkinokastro, a small village steeped in history, and relish the timeless ambiance. Votsi Village, Rousoum Gialos, Patitiri, Steni Vala, Alonnisos Chora, and Vithisma, all within proximity, offer a tapestry of experiences waiting to be unraveled. Explore their distinct personalities, from the quaint charm of Vithisma to the bustling energy of Patitiri, each promising a unique adventure.

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Immerse Yourself in Chryssi Milia

Things to Do:

Explore Ancient Ruins: Wander through the remnants of Kokkinokastro, where history whispers through ancient walls.

Harbor Views in Votsi: Lose yourself in the picturesque beauty of Votsi Village, with its vibrant harbor and traditional tavernas.

Seaside Bliss at Rousoum Gialos: Relax on the tranquil beaches of Rousoum Gialos, where azure waters meet golden sands.

Discover Patitiri's Charm: Dive into the heart of Alonnisos at Patitiri Village, where colorful houses and lively markets await.

Steni Vala's Fishing Heritage: Experience the authenticity of Steni Vala, a fishing village where the aroma of fresh catches fills the air.

Must-See Attractions:

Chryssi Milia Beach: Bask in the sun on the pristine shores of Chryssi Milia Beach, a haven for relaxation.

Church of Agios Dimitrios: Marvel at the architecture of the Church of Agios Dimitrios, a hidden gem in the village.

Olive Press Museum: Gain insights into the island's olive oil production at the Olive Press Museum in Patitiri.

Practical Travel Information:

Getting There: Access Chryssi Milia by car or public transport from Alonnisos capital. The scenic journey is as enchanting as the destination.

Accommodations: Experience authentic Greek hospitality in charming guesthouses or opt for seaside resorts for a touch of luxury.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in local cuisine at tavernas dotting the village, savoring fresh seafood and traditional Greek dishes.

Hiking Trails: Nature enthusiasts can explore nearby trails, such as the Alonnisos Old Town Trail, offering panoramic views.


Chryssi Milia, with its proximity to neighboring gems and a tapestry of experiences, promises an unforgettable Greek escapade. From ancient ruins to sun-kissed beaches, this hidden paradise invites you to delve into its secrets. Discover the magic of Alonnisos through the lens of Chryssi Milia and let the Aegean enchantment unfold.

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