Discover the Thrill of Plane Spotting on Skiathos Island

Plane Spotting on Skiathos Island for Aviation Fans

The "Alexandros Papadiamantis" airport on Skiathos was hailed as one of the most captivating destinations for plane spotting, attracting enthusiasts from the global aviation community. These dedicated individuals embark on journeys to capture mesmerizing photographs and track the exhilarating spectacle of aircraft taking off and landing in close proximity.

Plane Spotting on Skiathos for Aviation Fans
Skiathos Plane Landing

Nestled between two picturesque beaches, the airport offers a rare opportunity for spectators to witness every plane's departure and arrival at remarkably close range. Such an experience is unparalleled, found only in Skiathos and at St. Martin in the Caribbean, yet Skiathos boasts an even more awe-inspiring setting.

The sensation of nearly brushing the sea moments before touchdown evokes an electrifying thrill. Moreover, being mere meters away from the runway's starting point provides passengers with a truly extraordinary insight into the landing process, as attested by those who have visited Skiathos.

Plane Spotting on Skiathos for Aviation Fans

In 2020, a total of 74 airports were considered for the poll, each evaluated according to various criteria such as their geographical location, proximity to urban areas, and whether they were situated on islands, coastlines, or in mountainous regions.

The selection of participating airports also took into account their popularity among voters in previous years. Participants were invited to select their preferred airport in each category, with Skiathos airport making its debut appearance among Europe's most scenic airports.

Voters lauded the "astonishingly diverse landscape" of Donegal airport in Ireland, which claimed the top spot, and praised the "stunning beaches in close proximity to the airport" on Skiathos.

The results of PrivateFly's annual "Scenic Airports" poll serve as a delightful reminder of the joy derived from both travel itself and the journeys undertaken by air.

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